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Type / Color (IEC)

J / black

Wire material

(+) Fe / (-) Cu-Ni

Minimum temperature


Maximum temperature


How does a type J thermocouple work?

A J-type thermocouple is a type of temperature sensor that uses the Joule effect principle to measure temperature. It is made of two different metal wires, usually in Iron / Constantan (official designation: iron / copper-nickel.), which are connected at one end to form a junction.

When this junction is exposed to a different temperature than the reference, an electric current is generated that can be measured to determine the temperature.

Why choose a J type among the other types of thermocouples?

There are several reasons why a Type J thermocouple may be chosen from the other types available:

High temperature range

Type J thermocouples can measure temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius, making them an appropriate choice for applications that require high temperature measurements.

Stable and reliable

Type J thermocouples are generally considered to be stable and reliable over the long term, making them an appropriate choice for applications that require accurate and reliable temperature measurements over an extended period.

Resistant to environmental influences

Relatively insensitive to environmental temperature variations and electromagnetic influences, they are a suitable choice for applications with changing environmental conditions or high electromagnetic energy.

Technical characteristics of a type J

Thermocouple type : Type J

Tolerance : Class 1 / Class 2

Color (IEC): black

Color (ANSI): black

Temperature range: From -40°C to +750°C

Welding : Insulated / Grounded / Exposed

Output : Standard connector / Miniature connector / Tubular / etc…

Plug : Male / Female

Wired : Glass silk cable / Teflon cable / PVC cable / Silicone cable / etc…

Cable type : Round / Flat / Twisted

Cable diameter : From 1 mm to 7 mm

Lined : Inconel /AISI / Nicrobel /Pyrosil /PtRh 10% /etc…

Diameter of the liner : From 0.5 mm to 8 mm

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