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100 ohms at 0°C

Material of the probe


Minimum temperature


Maximum temperature


How does a PT100 probe work?

A PT100 probe is a type of RTD used to measure temperatures ranging from -200 to 850 degrees Celsius. It is based on the principle of thermal resistance, which is the electrical resistance of a conductor that changes with temperature.

The PT100 probe is made of 100 ohm platinum at 0 degrees Celsius, that’s why it has this name. 

When the temperature of the probe increases, its resistance also increases, and vice versa when the temperature drops. This resistance variation is used to measure temperature. PT100 probes have a resistance at 0°C equal to 100 ohms, but this resistance increases by 0.38 ohms per degree Celsius.

It is important to note that the PT100 is one of the most widely used types of temperature sensor because of its accuracy, long-term stability and wide measurement range.

Why choose a PT100 among other types of PT probes?

There are different reasons why a PT100 could be chosen among other types of PT probes:

Temperature range

The measuring temperature range for a PT100 is -200 to 850 degrees Celsius, making it a suitable choice for many industrial and scientific applications.

Resistance to corrosion

The PT100 probes are made of platinum, which is a corrosion resistant material, allowing them to be used in aggressive environments.


PT100 probes have stable long-term resistance and low tolerance, making them a suitable choice for applications that require high accuracy.


The PT100 is generally less expensive than other types of PT probes, making it an economical choice for some applications.

Electronic compatibility

It is generally compatible with standard electronic equipment and easy to integrate with existing temperature measurement systems

Technical characteristics of a PT100 probe

RTD type : PT100

Temperature range : From -200°C to +850°C

Class: A / B

Wire assembly : 2 wires / 3 wires / 4 wires / 6 wires

Connection head : DIN A head / DIN B head /Tubular / etc..

Cable : Glass silk cable / Teflon cable / PVC cable / Silicone cable / etc…

Cable diameter : From 1 mm to 10 mm

Cable length : Consult us

Material of the tube : 316 stainless steel / 316 L stainless steel / etc…

Tube diameter : From 0.5 mm to 16 mm

Length of the tube : Consult us

Mounting : Wire output (100 mm) / Ceramic terminal block / 4/20 mA transmitter

Why choose EuroSensors?

Our PT100 probes are used by customers who need high accuracy in measurement, such as in the chemical industry, HVAC, and food processing plants. We put all our know-how acquired for more than 10 years at your service.

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How do I get a PT 100?

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