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Building material

Soapstone / Porcelain / Cordierite

Maximum voltage

480 V

Maximum temperature


How does a soapstone heater work?

Soapstone is a heating component made from a mineral material called soapstone that is resistant to heat and corrosion. It consists of a metal wire wrapped around a soapstone support. When the device is turned on, the electric current flows through the wire, which produces heat.
The temperature of the resistor is controlled by a thermostat that regulates the amount of electric current that flows through the wire.

When should I choose a soapstone heater rather than an armoured heater?

It is recommended to use a soapstone heater in high humidity environments, as it is made of a mineral material that is resistant to corrosion. In comparison, shielded heaters are typically used in applications where temperature is not as critical and corrosion resistance is not as important.

However, shielded resistors can be used in applications where mechanical strength is important, as they have a protected metal structure that makes them more resistant to shock and damage.

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Technical characteristics of a soapstone heater

Maximum temperature : +500°C

Diameter of ceramic elements : Ø30, Ø32, Ø34, Ø36, Ø38, Ø41, Ø44, Ø46, Ø52, Ø54, Ø64 mm

Maximum length : 6000 mm

Mounting : Horizontal / Vertical

Connections: M3, M4, M5, M6, tab terminals, round pins, nickel wire, connecting wires with ceramic beads, silicone rubber hose.

Maximum power : 20 kW

Material of construction : Soapstone / Porcelain / Cordierite

Maximum voltage : 480 V

What are the different types of steatitis resistance?

There are several types of soapstone resistors that vary in application, shape, material of construction and method of temperature control. Here are some examples:

Spiral soapstone heaters: These are often used for applications requiring a large heating surface, such as industrial dryers.

Round soapstone resistances: These are tubular resistances in the shape of a circle, used for heat production or for thermal protection.

Flexible steatite resistors: These are soft, flexible resistors often used for applications requiring increased conformability, such as industrial dryers.

Hot air soapstone heaters: These are resistors designed to produce hot air, often used in air heating systems or for industrial dryers.

Suspended heating wire: These are heating wires that are suspended in the air and used for heat generation, often in industrial applications.

Sectional soapstone heaters: These are resistors in the form of circle sections, used for heat production or for thermal protection.

Flat soapstone resistors: These are plate-shaped resistors used for applications requiring heat distribution over large flat surfaces, such as hot plates.

How to choose a soapstone heater?

In order to choose an appropriate soapstone heater, it is important to consider the following criteria:


Rated voltage and current

Make sure that the voltage and current rating of the resistor matches that of your electrical system.


Operating temperature​

Verify that the chosen soapstone resistor can operate within the temperature ranges required for your application.


Power required​

Determine the wattage required for your application and choose a soapstone resistor capable of delivering that wattage.


Electrical insulation

Check that the chosen soapstone resistor provides sufficient electrical insulation for your application.


Size and shape

Make sure the size and shape of the soapstone resistor is suitable for the available space and the mounting needs for your application.

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