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The choice of temperature sensor is important because it can affect the precision and accuracy of temperature measurements taken. An unsuitable device can give wrong information, which leads to decision making errors and reliability problems in industrial and production processes.

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What is the role of a temperature sensor?

Temperature sensors play an important role in many applications, as they provide accurate and reliable temperature measurement. They can be used to monitor and regulate the temperature in a system, providing information to a controller that can adjust it accordingly.

In a process, for example, a sensor can be used to measure the temperature in the system, and a controller to regulate it by adding heat or turning off the heat supply based on the measurement. Sensors can also be used to monitor the temperature in an industrial process, to alert operators to overheating or abnormal temperatures, or to trigger alarms when needed.

What type of signal does the temperature sensor send?

The type of signal sent by a temperature sensor depends on the type of sensor used. Some temperature sensors send an electrical signal, while others send a mechanical or optical signal.

What are the temperature sensors?

There are several types of temperature sensors, each suitable for different applications and environments. Here are some common examples:

⦿ Thermocouples: they measure the difference in thermal potential between two conductors of different metals. They are often used in furnaces and other industrial heating equipment

⦿ PT100 / PT1000 RTD probes: they measure the resistance of a material (platinum) that changes with temperature. They are intended for applications requiring greater precision (laboratory, control systems, etc.).

⦿ Thermistors: they use a variable resistor that changes with temperature. Adapted to detect and measure very small temperature variations (household appliances…).

Wired or tubular sensors

What to choose?

Wired sensors are generally smaller and easier to use, but they need a wire to send the temperature signal to the measuring device. They are often used in applications where the distance between the sensor and the measuring device is short.

Tubular sensors are generally more robust and can be used in harsh environments, such as wet or hot environments. They also need a wire to send the temperature signal to the measuring device. They are often used in applications where the distance between the sensor and the measuring device is greater.

For which fields of application

Our thermistors are used in many sectors of activity. Here are some examples of industries that use them:

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