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How does an NTC probe work?

NTC (negative temperature coefficient) temperature sensors are temperature sensors used to measure temperature in a variety of applications. Their operation is based on the fact that the electrical resistance of a conductor changes according to the temperature.

NTC probes are made from a material that has a negative temperature coefficient, i.e. its resistance decreases as the temperature increases. This material can be an electronic component or an organic material like a ceramic resistor.

To measure the temperature, an NTC probe is connected to an electronic circuit that measures the resistance of the probe. Using Ohm’s law which relates voltage, current and resistance, this circuit can determine the current temperature. The resistance of the probe is compared to a reference resistance at a known temperature. Using a temperature characteristic curve of the NTC sensor, the actual temperature can then be deduced from the measured resistance. 

There are different types and sizes of NTC probes, depending on their electrical and thermal characteristics, for different temperature ranges and accuracies. NTC sensors can be connected to electronic equipment for continuous or point measurements or integrated into controllers or control systems for automated actions.


Why choose an NTC probe among other types of thermistor probes?

NTC (negative temperature coefficient) sensors are a type of temperature sensor that have certain characteristics that make them suitable for certain applications. Here are some reasons why one might choose an NTC probe:

Negative temperature coefficient

Their resistance decreases as the temperature increases, making them ideal for applications requiring a quick response to temperature changes.

Wide variety

There are many types of NTC probes available with different resistances, tolerances, temperature ranges and accuracies to suit different applications

Low cost

NTC sensors are generally less expensive than other types of temperature sensors, making them ideal for applications requiring a large number of sensors or for low-cost applications.

Simple operation

NTC probes are simple to use, they connect to an electronic circuit for resistance measurement, there is no need for complex electronic conversion as for some temperature sensors.

Long-term stability

NTC probes are generally long term stable, i.e. they do not change their characteristics over time, which makes them ideal for applications requiring long term accuracy.

Diversity of forms

NTC probes are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit different applications

Technical characteristics of an NTC probe

Type of probe : NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) probe

Conductive material : Transition metals

Temperature range: From -55°C to +300°C

Temperature tolerance: From ±1°C to ±5°C

Resistance range: 10 ohms to 100 kohms

Resistance tolerance: ± 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 3%, etc.

Temperature coefficient : NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient)

Physical form: Wire, disc, cylindrical resistor

Length : Consult us

Connectors : Screw or crimp connectors

Nominal voltage : Consult us

Current rating : 3 A

Usage: Temperature control in cooling systems, temperature control in air conditioners, thermostats for home appliances, temperature control systems for industrial processes.

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