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Building material

Steel / Brass / Stainless steel


230 - 400 V

Maximum temperature


How does an armored resistor work?

A shielded industrial heater is a heating element used in industrial equipment to convert electrical energy into heat. It consists of a metal wire wrapped around a metal support and covered with a layer of insulating material. When the equipment is turned on, electrical current flows through the wire, which produces heat. A thermostat regulates the temperature so that it remains constant in the equipment.

What are the differences between armored and soapstone heaters?

Armored heaters and soapstone heaters are heating elements used in various applications. Shielded heaters are made by wrapping an electrical wire around a metal tube, producing heat to maintain a constant temperature in the unit.

Soapstone heaters, on the other hand, are made by wrapping an electrical wire around a soapstone ceramic support, providing better insulation and increased heat resistance, improving the energy efficiency of the appliance.

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Technical characteristics of an armored resistor

Maximum temperature : +950°C

Diameter of tubular elements : Ø6.5, Ø8.5, Ø10, Ø12, Ø14mm

Length : Consult us

Threads: M10x1, M12x1.5, M14x1.5, M16x1.5, G3/8″, G1/2″, etc.

Power : Consult us

Material of construction : Steel / Brass / Stainless Steel

Voltage : 230 – 400 V

What type of shielded resistor?

There are several types of shielded resistors, each with specific characteristics and uses. Criteria to consider when selecting a shielded heater include operating temperature, wattage, corrosion resistance and pressure resistance. Here are some examples of types of shielded resistors:

Shielded pin-type resistors are used for precision heating applications, such as hair dryers and kitchen appliances.

Straight shielded resistors are used in general heating applications, such as ovens and refrigerators.

Teflon-coated heaters are used for corrosive heating applications, such as water treatment. are used for corrosive heating applications, such as water treatment applications.

Defrosting resistors are used to prevent ice formation in refrigerators and freezers

Square fin heaters are used for industrial heating applications and air handling equipment.

Finned heaters are used for general heating applications such as ovens, refrigerators and freezers.

How to choose an armored resistor?

The choice of a shielded resistor will depend on your specific needs in terms of temperature, power, accuracy, capacity, and compatibility with your existing equipment. It is important to consider the following technical specifications:


Voltage and power

It is important to choose a resistor that has the correct voltage and power rating for the application it is being used for.


Operating temperature​

It is important to choose a resistor that can operate at the temperature required for the application.



It is important to choose a resistance made from quality materials for better resistance to corrosion and oxidation.



It is important to choose a resistor that has dimensions adapted to the space available in the device.


Electrical connection

It's important to choose a resistor that can be easily connected to the device.

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